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Thank you for that. Honestly my family are the people that piss me off the most. I love them and all but they're so disrespectful towards me especially my younger brothers. My younger brothers have called me worthless ugly stupid and countless other things that I never would imagine anyone saying to the person who takes care of them the most. I make breakfast lunch and dinner for him almost every day of the week and i'm only 14. I take care of him like he's my child! 😔

Hey you know what next time he calls you that I’ll smack him up side the head (not to hard but hard enough) and set him straight he is unappreciative even when he has the best god damn sister on this planet. don’t listen to those dis respectful people listen to the people who appreciate you and are worth your time 🌸❤️

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    For The Fans

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    Luke Hemmings




This makes me cry a lot… 

whenever there’s drama, i listen to this audio. it remind of why i chose im here in the first place, music and the 5sosfam

can we please talk about how Luke just let the crowd sing to the so hemade with his mates. He didn’t even tell them that the song hasn’t started yet but he let them sing. The boys love us so much and I just wish we remember how much they love us every time we start/see rumors or  when we hate on little things, like them hanging out with girls. They are normal teenage boys and I wish we let them experience things because, like what I said, they are normal too. They said it themselves that the fans are an extension of their family, so we should treat one another with love and respect.

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