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If you wake up and your stomach
isn’t flat enough you don’t let the
sun rise. When you felt unloveable
you blamed it on your reflection
and you told it the most terrible
things. Some days you feel happy
and somehow those days are
always the ones when your mirror
shuts up and smiles. Each night
your successes and failures come
back to how you looked that day.
anne, body image (via anneisrestless)

xlltxmelxw asked:

I got invited to another birthday party. That's two this month. This time, I don't know the person really. She's my sisters bestfriends little sister, my age though. We both like 5SOS and now us four are going to church together :)

yay! That sounds fun! im so happy for you


Anonymous asked:

I've been skipping breakfast lately too... If I don't skip breakfast then I don't eat all of it. I'll eat like 1/4 of it instead. I can't eat everything. I don't wanna be a whale anymore

You were never a whale!

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